Why Junk Mail is Kind of Awesome

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Most mornings, Little Man and I do the morning hustle to get out the door for some outdoor fun before the sun gets too fierce. Lately, he’s become even more vocal about what he’d like to do.

“Mail! Mail” is one of his more recent requests.

It’s time to check the mail. We walk to the community mailbox, unlock our box and find… junk mail.

A fistful plus of assorted insurance envelopes, coupons and grocery advertisements.

The adult part of me groans, “Junk mail.”

The mother part of me crows, “Junk mail!”

Little Man and I head back to the house to dig into the mail.

For 15 minutes or so, we’re contentedly hanging out in the shade on the grass with a pile of junk mail to sort, examine and rip.

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The Perks of Junk Mail

Junk mail isn’t something I’d typically be thankful for. More often than not, it just means more to dump into the recycling bin. Yay.

But… when looking at it through my toddler’s eyes, it’s something curious to behold.

The people, the food, the colors, the words, the stuff to see… it’s all incredibly interesting and educational. Even better, you can rip it apart as easy as you please!

Note: the insurance notes are the best for shaking because of the crinkly good fun of the clear front on the envelope.

So, thank you, junk mail providers for the entertainment, the crinkling, the crunching, the ripping and the pictures.

You’ve actually given us something to look forward to – even when the mailbox is crammed full of ads.

What’s Your Junk Mail?

If, like me, you struggle to slow down and just sit… be present – you’re not alone. It’s flippin’ hard sometimes to not feel like you ought to do more, be more, with your time and your life.

Yes, let’s maximize our time! Yes, let’s maximize our minds!

Sometimes, though, you do that by sitting down to examine the junk mail and choosing to enjoy it.

Fill in the blank what your day-to-day-not-exciting-thingamagig might be.

Try looking at it with new eyes and hearing with new ears. Just for a few minutes.

Quiet your mind. Be still in your heart. Be here.

See if you can find something golden about your junk mail. Just for now.

I’m cheering you on.

junk mail has its perks

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