Enjoy Exploring Your Unique Style with a DIY Style Analysis

Enjoy Exploring Your Unique Style with a DIY Style Analysis

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Like you, every now and then I feel frustrated and bored with my wardrobe. #mostgirls

Since being intentional and pursuing peace has been on my mind this year, I decided to take some action by doing a DIY style analysis and a wear my wardrobe challenge.

Along the way, I’ve refined my style preferences, culled my wardrobe, and experimented with my wardrobe more. It’s been liberating!

Just a friendly reminder: This post isn’t about how my style is the be-all for everyone. I’m just sharing some examples of how I walked through this to give you a little inspiration and motivation to have a little style analysis fun for yourself!

By the way, I’ve also whipped up a little freebie about this (and a bit more) to help you do your own DIY style analysis. Be sure to scoop it up!

Curious to learn more? Let’s dig in.

Style analysis: What’s my style recipe?

First, I decided to do my own style analysis in the hopes that this might help me better articulate what I like and dislike, and what’s most realistic in this season of life.

So, I got cozy with my laptop, opened up Evernote and Pinterest, and and started thinking about my style recipe.

I knew that having my own “style filter” could help me more effectively decide:

  • What I remove from my wardrobe
  • What I add to my wardrobe
  • How I create outfits

Australian stylist Imogen Lamport, the “Scientist of Style” has written so many informative, applicable posts about crafting your style recipe.

Basically, your style recipe (or style statement) is the ingredients that go into making up your unique style.

Your Style Recipe includes the ingredients that go into making up your unique style. In my opinion, it’s one of the most useful tools anyone can have when developing their style. Creating your style recipe gives you a great framework to start playing with and exploring the personality dressing styles in a way that is right and true for you.  

If you’re curious about developing the science of style, color, proportions, etc., her blog is a goldmine of insight, resources and a unique perspective.

I thought about how I wanted to feel when I wore my clothing and how I’d like to be perceived by others.

This style recipe came to mind:




Note: your own style recipe might change depending on your season of life. That’s normal and healthy!

Then I jotted down some questions to help me explore this further.

Pinterest: What am I drawn to? What turns me off?

I skimmed my Pinterest wardrobe board and noted what stood out to me about pins I’d saved. Why did I save it?

I started a running list of what drew me to images. Then I skimmed it for recurring trends. A few stood out:

  • Camel blazers
  • Bright colors
  • Sweaters over button up shirts
  • A-line skirts
  • Figure skimming silhouettes
  • Polka dots and stripes
  • and so forth

Then I focused on what I’m not drawn toward. Since I don’t save images of what I don’t like (duh), I jotted down what I wasn’t seeing on my board. I also jotted down what I knew instinctively about myself.

I tend to avoid:

  • Pastels and light colors
  • Oversized and slouchy style tops
  • Tiny floral prints
  • Totally neutral outfits
  • Maxi dresses

Then I moved on to the next question.

What specifically works for me? What doesn’t?

Stunning Style’s free masterclass was so helpful in helping me get more specific about this question!

In the masterclass, April gives attendees the following challenge (my paraphrase):

  1. Pull out five items from your wardrobe that you absolutely adore.
  2. Pull out five items from your wardrobe that you just can’t seem to get excited about.
  3. Examine your five adorable items and ask yourself, “What specifically about this item rocks my world?” Perhaps it’s the color or shape, but take it even further. Is it the size of the pattern? The shape of the neckline? The sleeve length? The type of buttons and hardware? etc.
  4. Examine your iffy items and ask, “What specifically bugs me about this item?” Get specific like you did with the adorable items.

The idea is that if you’re very clear on what you don’t like and won’t wear, it can help you STOP buying stuff you won’t wear.


I know – pretty-crazy-simple-yet-mindblowing, right?

Want to know more? Definitely check out Stunning Style – it’s so helpful, especially if you like classic style.

For me, most often some of the issues with my iffy items were that they didn’t align with my style recipe.

Even though I hadn’t articulated it before, I knew intuitively that it wasn’t quite “me.”

Then I moved on to the next question.

What do I see when I look in my wardrobe?

It’s great if I want to feel like my style recipe in my wardrobe.

The big question is: does my wardrobe actually give those vibes?

When you spend so much time day-to-day with your wardrobe, it can be hard to see it a bit more objectively.

I gave it a good shot, though, by quickly going through my wardrobe.

Basically, I went through one zone of where I store my clothes (closet, drawers, etc.) and asked – does this fit my recipe?

I also asked if it meshed with any of the trends I saw on my Pinterest list.

If it did, I popped it back where I could easily find it, a.k.a. not a reject zone!

If it didn’t, I set it aside to consider more carefully. Typically, this would involve deciding to keep, alter, donate, or trash the item.

In this case, I decided to give myself a wardrobe challenge.

Bonus: Taking on a Wear Your Wardrobe Challenge

This part of the style analysis happened over a few weeks.

Basically, I challenged myself to wear everything in my wardrobe at least once with no repeats.

You can learn more about this here.

Taking on this challenge forced me to really deal with why my items were so iffy and do something about it!

Enjoy Exploring Your Unique Style with a  DIY Style Analysis

Wrap-up and let’s chat!

Personally, doing my own style analysis was SO FUN and empowering. My approach took some time and work, but it was so worth it.

My style recipe has helped me better articulate what I’m loving about an item or outfit and when it feels off.

Never analyzed your style? Give it a go!

As a bonus, you can always take on your own Wear Your Wardrobe Challenge.

It’s your turn.

Not sure you can remember all of this information? Grab the freebie – it’s got these tips (and a bit more) to help you enjoy doing your own style analysis.

What do you think about having a style recipe? What’s yours?

Let me know in the comments!

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