Want encouragement to be more intentional with your time, talents, energy and resources?

You came to the right spot!

I’m Cortney. Christ follower. Wife. Mother. Learning addict. Formerly over-committed university educator.

More importantly, like you, I’m imperfectly striving to focus on the best things instead of #all-the-things.

At Coffee Chats and Yoga Mats, you can expect:

  • Coffee chat style posts focused on both the practical and mindset shift aspects of being intentional with your time, talents, energy and resources
  • Regular healthy, happy movement videos to do on your yoga mat (or blanket or bed…)
  • An emphasis on Scripture and relationships – who gives you your identity (that’s Jesus, friend!) and who you spend your life are integral to being intentional with your life.

Be encouraged – you’ve got this. More importantly, God has you!

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